she thought . . .

... her family was an open book, without secrets. Even as a child, Barbara Jean Ellington knew her grandmothers were lesbians, a truth they never concealed. During BJ’s summer vacations at their home on Blue Lake, Nonna and Lena taught her to swim and play cards, provided a lively contrast to BJ’s conservative parents, and comforted BJ when her first summer romance ended abruptly and without reason. Now, years later 

Jill Althouse-Wood grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a BFA in Fine Arts, Jill returned to Pennsylvania where she enjoyed a fifteen-year career as a textile designer

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Jill Althouse-Wood

​"Characterization is exceptional; both grandmothers sparkle. Spikes of humor, brilliant descriptive passages . . . all contribute to a memorable thought-provoking novel."  VOYA


Jill Althouse-Wood